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Extending oil lifetimes: The ADDINOL Analysis Service.

Many ADDINOL lubricants can achieve considerably longer service lives and optimise the operating period of the system. Thus, ADDINOL gas engine oils exceed the lifetimes of standard gas engine oils by up to 50%. Lubricants from the ADDINOL Eco Gear range ensure the reliable function of gears in industry and wind power plants over many years. In so doing, the regular checking of the oil condition is the precondition for stable, efficient operation.

Simple sampling – detailed, clear evaluation

With our ADDINOL Analysis Service, the use of gas engine, industrial gear or turbine oils as well as cooler protection agents are monitored in a simple manner. Operators are given perfectly matched oil changing intervals, offering the maximum safety in operation. The laboratory report contains a tabular and graphical overview of the characteristic oil values as well as the recommendation of the ADDINOL application technicians as to whether the oil operation time could be kept or extended or, under certain circumstances, should be shortened.

Minimum work for maximum safety:

  • Sampling with a ready-to-use set
  • Shipping of sampling bottles and accompanying sample note
  • Analysis of the samples in the accredited laboratory
  • Evaluation of the characteristic oil values by the engineers of ADDINOL Application Technology
  • Individual use recommendation on the condition of the oil and/or system
  • Individual recommendation for the next analysis date

Thus, operation, maintenance and oil changing can be planned easily and the potential of the lubricant be exploited whilst maintaining maximum safety for the components and system.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Competent consultation from ADDINOL Application Technology
  • Status monitoring of oil and system or components
  • Compatibility and mixability of lubricants
  • Risk minimisation and increased operational safety
  • Care of resources and optimised cost control
  • Improved planning of maintenance work and oil changes
  • Compliance with the warranty conditions of machine manufacturers, e.g. for gas engines
  • Compliance with the conditions of the machine breakage insurance

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