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Our core competence: Development of customer solutions

For over 80 years, ADDINOL has been developing high-performance lubricants and producing them at its head office in Germany. Our core competence is products and innovations created in our own R&D department. Thanks to the knowledge of our chemists and engineers, they have a direct influence on the function and efficiency of the lubricated components, making them leading high-performance lubricants with added value for our customers. Through the long-term co-operation with renowned machine manufacturers and the proximity to practical lubricant demands, ADDINOL has become one of the leading providers of high-performance lubricants. With over 650 different products, ADDINOL can offer efficient solutions for automotive and industrial applications.

Lubricants "Made in Germany"

TBe they engine oils for passenger cars or commercial vehicles, industrial transmission oils, gas engine oils or lubricants for turbines – all ADDINOL products are produced, filled, packaged, stored and shipped throughout the world from the chemicals industry town of Leuna, Central Germany. In one of the most modern lubricating oil factories in Europe, ADDINOL produces quality lubricants "Made in Germany".

Produced in Germany – Used around the world

ADDINOL lubricants are used in over 90 countries around the world thanks to a first-class partner network. Thanks to comprehensive training courses and technical support, our international experts are always up to speed with the latest knowledge and support ADDINOL customers around the world – from product selection and application through to service.

ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH is one of the few group-independent, medium-sized companies in the German mineral oil industry having sales partners on every continent. Besides the production and corporate facilities at the chemicals town of Leuna, the company has twelve proprietary sales locations around the world.


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