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ADDINOL turbine oils – specially for modern turbo units

ADDINOL turbine oils were developed specially for use in water, gas and steam turbines (with and without gears) as well for turbo compressors and transmission compressors (Turbine Oil MT series) entwickelt. They stand out through their carefully selected, high-quality base oils and perfectly matched, zinc-free additives. In particular, when using turbines in power stations, reliable operation is of decisive importance. Faults, failures and unplanned downtimes endanger the supply security and can cause enormous costs. Use ADDINOL turbine oils to guarantee long service lives of systems and lubricants as well as to minimise the time and costs for maintenance and oil changes.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Developed specially in cooperation with leading OEMs
  • Optimum use with the highest thermal loads and extreme conditions
  • Excellent ageing stability due to high-quality basic components
  • Effective prevention of deposits on the basis of the highest thermal stability
  • Reliable protection of all components against wear
  • Outstanding air and water separation capacity
  • Maximum energy efficiency through safe and reliable lubrication
  • Highest operational safety and fault-free operation without drops in performance
  • Effective prevention of foam formation, rust and corrosion
  • Longest oil change intervals
  • Excellent, personal service thanks to our Application Technology

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