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ADDINOL hydraulic oils for any application

ADDINOL hydraulic fluids are ideally suited for use in stationary and mobile facilities. They are also suitable for special operating conditions, e.g. in fire-prone facilities, ecologically sensitive areas or in the food industry. Their performance far exceeds the minimum requirements of DIN 51524. Thanks to the ideal combination of high-quality base oils and carefully selected additives, they master the challenges of modern facilities, such as compact designs with small oil volumes, high operating pressures, improved surface treatment and special temperature conditions. They offer reliable protection against wear and corrosion in all applications. In addition, many of the ADDINOL hydraulic oils are designed for energy efficiency. For example, our ADDINOL HV Eco Fluid ensures lower energy consumption and maximum system efficiency for high power transmission.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Outstanding air release properties with low foaming tendency
  • Very good demulsibility and good water separation ability
  • Excellent wear protection and very good aging behavior
  • High thermal-oxidative stability
  • Improved corrosion protection
  • High purity
  • Excellent, personal service thanks to our Application Technology

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