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What Should We Know When Selecting Industrial Gear Oils?

Have difficulty in selecting industrial gear oils? How do you know which gear oil suits your need the best? Here are a few tips to help you begin.

Although it is ideal to inspect the equipment in detail before making a gear oil choice, there are certain guidelines you could refer to. Maximum efficiency and optimum lubrication are the two critical factors to look upon while choosing lubricants. Cleanliness and durability should also be favorable.

Criteria for selecting gear oils.

  • Choosing a suitable viscosity grade.

As there are several viscosity grades available, selecting the appropriate grade is pivotal. As the selection primarily depends on the operating conditions, refer to an operating manual to make up a decision.

  • Choosing the basic type of Lubricant/ Additives.

The basic type of lubricant is the next choice after selecting the viscosity grade. There are mainly three different variants for gear oils in India.

  • R&O  gear lubricants

Rust & Oxidation gear oils work well in the group of chemical stability, corrosion prevention, and foam suppression. However, these gear oils are designed to perform at high speeds and low loads. If all surface contacts operate under hydrodynamic or elastohydrodynamic lubrication conditions, then R&O lubricants are the best choice to make.

  • Antiscuff gear lubricants

Antiscuff gear lubricants, better known as EP or Extreme Pressure lubricants have special additives, unlike R&O lubricants. Antiscuff gear oils are used in high load, low speed, shock loading machines. Although sulfur phosphorous is the most common EP additive, zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP), molybdenum-disulfide (moly), graphite, and borates are the few other additives.

  • Compounded gear lubricants

Compounded lubricants are well known for their lubricity and film strength, as they are mixed with synthetic fatty acids. These are used for worm gear applications. Compounded lubricants are also called cylinder oils. They were actually used in steam cylinder applications, hence the name.

  • Choosing Base oil.

The Quality of base oil is critical when it comes to the performance of gear oil. The mineral base oil and synthetic base oil are the two common options available. Although mineral base oil works better in most cases, synthetic base oils have greater resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, and are, therefore, more suitable for employment in high operating temperatures.

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