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5 Properties of Industrial Turbine Oils

Guessing what’s turbine oil? If you are looking for a very high-quality, rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited circulating oil to use in industrial steam turbines, rotary air compressors, Addinol India has a suggestion to make. And that’s Turbine oils. It can be used for many other industrial applications as well.

Specifically made to safeguard against sludge and varnish formation, turbine oils provide long service life.

Addinol India recommends turbine oils for lubrication of steam, gas & hydraulic turbines. It can also be used in hydraulic systems in need of very long life lubricants of outstanding properties.

There are a set of specifications to meet and what are they? According to Addinol, providing high performance lubricants in India, the turbine oil must be capable of withstanding temperatures in turbo set components (e.g. bearings, coupling, gearboxes) of max 120°C and oil tank temperatures of max. 80°C without physical or chemical degradation of the oil properties.

As we know, turbine oil is mostly subjected to conditions of high temperatures and pressures, so it must abide by a set of good properties to ensure the steady and smooth functioning of the turbine:

1. Essential viscosity. Purely dependent on the turbine type. Look out whether it’s small groups with ring bearings, large turbines or marine turbines with gear reducers.

2. Best water separation capacity. Better demulsibility. It’s quite natural for an emulsion of water in oil to form. You should know that the content of water may be due to condensation, leaks, etc. and the oil has to be separated from the water quickly.

3. Non corrosive and prevents rust formation. It’s quite common to find these to occur on metal components, but Addinol advises to differentiate them. It should be understood that corrosion is a chemical reaction caused by the oxidation products present in the oil that may be corrosive to certain metals whereas rusting is a reaction caused by the presence of water and air on iron and steel.

4. Act against oxidation. Oils oxidise when introduced to high temperatures or when in contact with the air, resulting in the formation of acids and oxidation compounds. Simultaneously, they may be corrosive and promote the settlement of deposits, along the valves and circuits, thereby the equipment will start to malfunction.

5.No foaming. Foam can change the properties of the lubricants and favours their oxidation, due to the continuous contact with air.

Now, you have adequate knowledge about the turbine oils and its features, choose the best Industrial oils from Addinol India!

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