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Ways to clean and lube your Motorcycle/bicycle chain

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Is your bicycle/motorcycle chain wearing out too soon? Do you want to know the ways to prolong the lifecycle of your chains? If so, tune in… Cleaning and lubricating your motorcycle/bicycle chains at regular intervals will help in maintaining optimal performance and protection.

Why is it essential to clean and lube the chain?

Let’s say you are a moderate rider enjoying your riding skill across diverse terrains. Well, you knowingly or unknowingly are giving way for dust and dirt to accumulate on the motorcycle chain, it causes increasing friction. Lubricating your drive chain not only makes them glossy and polished but also improves the lifespan of the chain.

How to clean and lube a chain?

The golden rule for lubricating a motorcycle/bicycle chain is to ensure that you clean the chain before applying the bike-specific chain lube below.

  • The prep work is the first step which includes assembling the products for cleaning and lubing, which includes disposable gloves, a chain lube, a water source, a hose, a brush, and a sponge.
  • The next step is to clean the rear derailleur using water and detergent. Make sure to rotate the chain while cleaning. Wait for a few minutes for it to soak.
  • The next step is to scrub properly using a toothbrush. Any leftover dirt can be picked up using a toothpick or similar tools. Wash and rinse properly.
  • The final step is oiling the chain with a motorcycle chain spray in India. Also, make sure to spray in short bursts so that it doesn’t get sprayed all over the place.

How to choose the chain lube?

Although chain lubing is a simple process, you must be careful in picking the chain lube as it usually comprises a wide miscellany of ingredients that could or could not go well. So, make sure to choose high-performance chain oil in India. Also, make sure that you follow the instructions that come with the product.

How often should you clean and lube your chain?

Although the chain should be cleaned and lubed depending on how much you are riding or the type of terrain you are riding, other factors like environmental conditions, the type of lube, etc., also matter.

Here are two signs when you are required to clean up and lube your motorcycle/bicycle chain:

  • Depending on the appearance, that is precisely when it looks dirty and worn out.
  • Depending on the sound. When the sound turns squeaky, know that it’s high time to clean up the chain.

Choose an appropriate lubricant to ensure the chain works perfectly. Help extend the duration of your motorcycle/bicycle chain.

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