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ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra

ADDINOL Antifreeze Extra is a premium-grade ethylene glycol-based coolant fortified with eco-conscious anti-corrosion additives for superior cooling and engine protection

Application Areas:
  • Cooler-protecting agent/ Antifreeze
Application Type:
  • Automotive function fluids
Specifications / Approvals:
  • ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 4985, ASTM D 6210, NATO-Code S-759, Ö-Norm V5123, SAE J 1034
  • Bergen Engines Approval, INNIO Jenbacher TA 1000-0200, MAN 324 SNF, MWM (Deutz Power Systems) 0199-99-2091
Fulfils the requirement acc. To
  • Audi/ VW/ Seat/ Skoda TL-VW 774 D (G12), Audi/ VW/ Seat/ Skoda TL-VW 774 F (G12+), Cummins CES 14603, DAF 74002, DDC Power Cool Plus, Deutz 0199-99-1115, Ford WSS-M97B44-D, GM 6277 M, Isuzu, John Deere JDM H5, Komatsu KES 07.892, Liebherr MD1-36-130, Mazda , MB 325.3, MTU MTL 5048, Scania , Volvo VCS 418-0001, Wärtsilä 32-9011, Yanmar Antifreeze
  • Safeguards against freezing, corrosion, and cavitation in combustion engine cooling systems.
  • Specifically engineered for high-performance aluminium engines, offering enhanced protection at elevated temperatures.
  • Ideal for use in both modern gasoline and diesel engines.
  • This concentrated coolant must be diluted before use and can be mixed with water in any proportion for optimal performance.
Mixing ratio
Antifreeze Extra Water frost protection up to
35% 65% -18°C
40% 60% -24°C
50% 50% -36°C

Below a concentration of 33%, Antifreeze Extra does not provide a significant anti-corrosive effect.

  • Exceptional chemical stability ensures reliability.
  • Concentrated formula, easily miscible with water for convenience.
  • Provides superior corrosion protection for prolonged engine health.
  • Long-lasting performance for extended use.
  • Compatibility with rubber and plastics, ensuring component safety.
  • Free from Silicate, amine, nitrite, borate, and phosphor for eco-friendly usage.
  • Minimal foam formation, maintaining system efficiency.
Advantages & Benefits
  • Extended lifespan, ensuring prolonged use and reliability.
  • Tailored application for necessary antifreeze protection, offering cost-effective usage.
  • Comprehensive protection for all metals within the unit, including aluminium, cast iron, and copper.
  • All-weather suitability for year-round use, compatible with extended change intervals.
  • Enhanced protection against leaks, ensuring system integrity.
  • Prevents deposits, maintaining system cleanliness.
  • Proven reliability in practical application, guaranteeing consistent performance
Delivery preferable in:
  • 1.5L CAN, 20L CAN, SMALL DRUM (57L), DRUM (205L)

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