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Best Industrial Gear Oil

The high-performance gear oils of the ADDINOL Eco Gear M series are based on selected mineral components and an additive (Surftec® technology) with high performance reserves.

  • Industrial gear oils
Viscosity class
  • 100 M, 150 M, 220 M, 320 M, 460 M, 680 M
Specifications / Approvals
  • SIEMENS- Flender
  • Pekrun Werknorm 8053
  • Zeilfelder Pumpen (CLP)
  • ISO 12925-1, ISO 6743-6 CKC, CKD, CKE, CKMSP
  • DIN 51517-3 (CLP), DIN ISO 3448
  • ANSI/AGMA 9005 – F16
Applications, Advantages & Benefits
  • It’s a mineral based high performance gear oil with Surftec® -technology for of closed industrial gears of different types of construction.
  • It’s ideal for mild climates and constant temperature conditions.
  • It’s applicable for steel industry, in mining and in cement industry.
  • Suitable for lubrication of rollers & sliding bearings.
  • For re-smoothing of damaged friction surfaces.
  • Improves running -in behaviour.
  • Helps in prevention of micro-pitting and pittings.
  • Low thermal stress on all gear components.
  • Free from solids and silicone
  • Temperature ranges from -10°C up to +100°C.
  • Preferable in drums(205L) and 20 L cans

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