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Best Industrial Gear Oil India

Addinol Gear Oil CKT 220 is a high-quality industrial gear oil which is designed for the use of various industrial applications, particularly in gearboxes and industrial equipment where extreme pressure (EP) performance is required. The "220" in the name typically refers to the oil's viscosity grade, with 220 being a relatively high viscosity oil.

Application area
  • Industrial gear oils - synthetic
Viscosity class
  • ISO VG 220
Specifications / Approvals
  • DIN 51517-3 (CLP), DIN ISO 3448, ISO 6743-6, ISO 12925-1, ISO 12925-1 (CKC), ISO 12925-1 (CKD), ISO 12925-1 (CKE)
  • It is suitable for a wide range of industrial gearboxes, including helical, bevel, worm, and spur gear designs.
  • For closed gears with immersion or circulation lubrication
  • Particularly suitable at increased demands on high and low temperature behaviour (-30°C up to +120°C).
  • Reliable and safe lubrication of highly loaded bearings, joints, pressure spindle, spur and worm gears also under temperature peaks up to +150°C
  • Provide excellent protection against extreme pressure and heavy load conditions, which are common in industrial gear applications.
  • It contains additives that help reduce wear and extend the service life of gears and bearings.
  • Maintain its performance at high temperatures and under heavy-duty operating conditions.
  • It has good oxidation resistance, which helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits in the gear system.
  • Compatible with a wide range of industrial gear types and materials.
  • High viscosity index, excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Excellent ageing resistance
  • Mixable with mineral and ester gear oils
  • Based on high quality fully-synthetic base oils
Advantages and Benefits
  • Effective protection against foam formation in practical applications
  • Ideal protection of friction pairings
  • The oil's durability and resistance to oxidation and wear can reduce the frequency of oil changes and maintenance tasks, saving both time and money.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact.
  • Highly suitable for high as well as low temperature applications, multi-grade character
  • Long service life of the oil filling.
  • Enhanced Efficiency

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