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Top Quality Synthetic Lubricant in India

ADDINOL ATF XN 8 is a synthetic high-performance lubricant for automatic transmissions. Selected synthetic base oils are combined with an especially developed and proven additive technology.

Application Area
  • Automatic Transmissions
ATF Type
  • Dexron VI
Specifications / Approvals, Fulfils the requirement acc. To

Audi/ VW/ Seat/ Skoda G 060 162, Audi/ VW/ Seat/ Skoda G 055 540, BMW ATF 3+, BMW 83 22 2 305 397, BMW 83 22 2 289 720, BMW 83 22 2 152 426, BMW L 12108, Chrysler 68157995AA, Chrysler 68157995AB, Fiat 9.55550-AV5, Ford Mercon LV, Ford SP XT-6, Ford SP XT-8, Ford SP XT-10, Ford WSS-M2C924-A, Ford WSS-M2C938-A, Ford WSS-M2C-949-A, Honda ATF Type 3.1, Honda ATF Type 3.0, Hyundai SP-IV-RR, Jaguar 02JDE 26444, Land Rover LR023288, Land Rover LR023289, ZF 6HP, ZF 8HP, ZF 9HP, ZF S671 090 312

Product Description

ADDINOL ATF XN 8 is a top-quality synthetic lubricant designed for high-performance automatic transmissions. It blends carefully chosen synthetic base oils with a specially formulated and well-tested additive technology.

Application Areas
  • Designed specifically for modern automatic transmissions with up to 8 speeds in a wide range of passenger cars.
  • For modern ZF automatic transmissions with 6, 8, or 9 speeds in high-performance US-American, Asian, and European cars or SUVs.
  • Increased load-bearing capability
  • Enhanced friction performance
  • Excellent wear-resistant properties
  • Anti-corrosion characteristics
  • Impressive cold-weather flow properties
Advantages and Benefits
  • Safeguarding heavily stressed gears
  • Seamless gear shifts and reduced delay in typical 8-speed automatic transmissions
  • Prolonged lifespan of gear elements
  • Dependable lubrication, even in extremely cold weather
  • Consistent anti-corrosion measures that elongate the service life of components
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