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Food Grade lubricant India

ADDINOL Foodproof CLP 220 WX is an industrial gear oil formulated with white oil in ISO-VG 220 viscosity grade.

Application Area
  • Food industry - Industrial gear oils
  • Food industry - gear oils
Application type
  • Lubricants for food industry
  • Industrial gear oils
Viscosity class
  • ISO VG 220
Specifications / Approvals

  • ANSI/AGMA 9005-F16, DIN 51517-3 (CLP), ISO 12925-1 (CKC), ISO 12925-1 (CKD)
  • FDA 21 CFR 178.3570, Halal, Kosher, NSF H1, Pekrun Werknorm 8053
Product Description
  • All components in ADDINOL Foodproof CLP 220 WX are considered safe for human consumption and are in compliance with European regulations, NSF category H1 standards, as well as meeting the criteria set by Kosher and Halal dietary guidelines. Furthermore, these ingredients adhere to the globally recognized FDA standards and are free from any allergens in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, annex II.
  • Application temperature from -10°C up to +100°C.
  • Designed for the lubrication of enclosed industrial gears, including spur or bevel toothing, found in various construction types.
  • Ideal for applications in industries with stringent lubrication requirements, such as food production, feed processing, cosmetics manufacturing, and the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Highly recommended for lubrication points where the possibility of incidental contact with food cannot be ruled out. It complies with food-grade lubricant standards.
  • Suitable for use as a circulating oil and for general machine lubrication.
  • Light color, Odourless and Tasteless, making it suitable for applications where sensory factors are important. It is physiologically harmless and safe.
  • Registered with NSF-H1
  • Provides reliable corrosion protection, extending the lifespan of the equipment and components it lubricates.
  • Neutral towards common sealing materials and paints, ensuring compatibility and preventing damage to equipment and components.
  • Exhibits excellent air and water separation properties, minimizing the risk of foaming and maintaining lubrication efficiency.
  • Contains efficient extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additives, enhancing the oil's performance and protection capabilities under high-pressure and high-load conditions.
  • Features a high viscosity index, which ensures stable and consistent lubrication performance across a range of operating temperatures.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Provides excellent protection for machine parts, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation.
  • Outstanding protection against leakages thanks to the extended lifetime of sealing materials, reducing maintenance needs.
  • Ensures excellent safety against cavitation and foam formation, maintaining lubrication efficiency.
  • Offers effective wear protection and high scuffing load capacity, increasing equipment lifespan.
  • Suitable for applications with higher lubricant requirements, adapting to various industrial needs.
  • Features outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour, maintaining consistent performance across a wide temperature range.
Delivery preferable in
  • 20L CAN, DRUM

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