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ADDINOL guideway oils for highest workpiece quality

ADDINOL guideway oils XG for the lubrication of horizontal and vertical guideways convince with carefully selected high-quality base oils and optimally matched zinc-free additives. They are characterized by their distinct demulsibility. If parts of the emulsion penetrate into them, they reliably separate the water part. Their lubricating effect remains undiminished. They are also designed to significantly reduce the frictional forces when starting up the facilities and effectively prevent stick-slip phenomena. ADDINOL guideway oils XG reliably protect against wear and harmonize perfectly with ADDINOL coolants.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Excellent demulsibility and water separation ability
  • High resistance against water-miscible coolants
  • Optimum service life of guideway oils and water-miscible coolants
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Excellent stick-slip behavior reduces friction during start-up and ensures high workpiece quality
  • Increased load carrying capacity prevents wear on guideways
  • Reliably meet the requirements for hydraulic oils (HLP) in accordance with DIN 51524-2 and for gear oils (CLP) in accordance with DIN 51517-3
  • Excellent, personal service thanks to our Application Technology

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