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Importance of Industrial Lubricants in Different Sectors.

Industrial lubricants in India addinolindia

How do you move a hundred-pound weight across a surface?

By reducing the friction with lubrication. However, lubricants not only reduce friction but also lower the operating temperature, reduce corrosion, lower wear and tear, and keep contaminants out of a system, thereby enhancing the operational stability of machines. Inadequate lubrication may affect the functioning of a system adversely. Thus lubricants are a fundamental ingredient in every industry.

General Industrial, Marine, Automotive and Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Metallurgy and Metalworking, Timber Processing, Food Processing, and Chemical engineering are a few industries that use ample lubrication and might not work perfectly without it.

Lubricants usage in the Wind power sector

With the rapid growth of the wind power sector in the last few decades, the demand for lubricants employed in running wind turbines rose exponentially. Unlike other industrial machinery, wind turbines are subject to extreme climatic conditions, posing severe challenges to the stability of the installations. All these factors levitated the market’s demand and supply for wind turbine lubricants.

Lubricants usage in the marine industry

Factors like extreme temperatures, harsh environmental conditions, salt water, heavy goods, and high mechanical loads make the survival of any engine improbable in the sea. Thus, using lubricants not only improves the efficiency of machinery but also protects its components at extreme temperatures, augmenting the engine life. Lubricants are also used in shipping and operating cranes and other port facilities.

Lubricant usage in the electricity and power generating sector

As the sources of electricity generation increased over the years, the demand for Industrial lubricants in India also proliferated. Lubricants optimized plant efficiency and acted as primary industrial corrosion protection agents. Power plant operators could maximize their production and profitability using the most suitable lubricants.

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